Water apple (chamba)

Water apple (chamba)

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Water Apple (Chamba)

White apple, popularly known as ‘Chamba' ( Syzygium samarangense) is a rich source of Vitamin C and is good for treating dehydration, boosting metabolism, and refreshing body. And an ideal fruit for making juice, squash, wine, and other products. Water apple is also called java apple, wax apple and rose apple Planting & Care Sunlight: Proper sunlight will ensure better yield Soil: The mild alkaline and clayey soils will result in quality Chamba fruits Watering: Water apple requires a high water supply, Soil should be maintained with constant moisture Temperature: Water apple thrives well at the temperature range of 25 to 32-degree celsius Fertilizer: Well decomposed farmyard manure should be applied, and a basal dose of NPK by digging soil drenching

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