Washingtonia robusta

Washingtonia robusta

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Washingtonia Robusta - Palm Tree

The Washington fan palm (Washingtonia robusta), which is also called the Mexican fan palm, and the California fan palm. These palm trees grow up to 80 feet tall and have lifespans of up to 100 years. The plant produces very long pendulous inflorescences, form between the leaves, in the spring, and bear numerous small pink to pale orange flowers. Flowering is followed by the production of small, round, blue-back drupes in the summer. The fruits are thin-fleshed and edible.

Planting & Care  

SunLight: Washingtonia robusta grows best in full sun but can tolerate part shade.

Soil: Make sure the soil is well-draining because the plant cannot tolerate soggy or water-logged soils.

Watering: Water palm thoroughly with 4 to 5 gallons of water to drench the soil after planting it. Reduce water further during winter.

Fertilizer: Fertilize your Washingtonia twice a year during the growing season with a water-soluble fertilizer or granular, timed-release plant food once in early spring

Temperature: They are cold hardy to around 18 degrees Fahrenheit

Pruning: Prune brown fronds from the "skirt" at the base of your Washingtonia's foliage regularly because they are a fire hazard. 

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