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Tuja Plants

Thuja plants are low-maintenance and do not need much care to thrive, It's belonging to the group of conifers and to the family of Cupressaceae. It has a columnar habit and flattened branches and can reach up to 200 feet tall in a favorable climate.

Planting & Care  

SunLight: Thuja grows easily in both full sun and partial shade. However, exposure to cold harsh winds can be damaging to young plants.

Soil: Thuja grows in most soil types. But the best soil for it is fertile soil that has the ability to retain moisture. It also tolerates very chalky soils.

Watering: Water thuja deeply. The soil around it should be kept moist and covered, constantly, with a mulch of organic material.

Fertilizer: It needs regular fertilization to grow fast. Feed it with balanced liquid fertilizer at the beginning of the growing season to kick start the growth.

Temperature: Best growing with an average temperature of 16 to 22 °C (61 to 72 °F) 

Pruning: requires pruning at least twice a year, as it has a very vigorous growth rate.

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