Teberna Montana.

Teberna Montana.

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Teberna Montana.

Tabernaemontana is also known as Milkwood, Tabernaemontana perennial evergreen plant belongs to Apocynaceae family, used as ornamental hedge plant fragrant, can grow in subtropical, Mediterranean or tropic climate

Planting & Care 

SunLight:  A bright place, but not direct sunlight. Optimum – 3-5 hours a day of the morning sun.

Soil: Suitable ready soil with acidity pH 4.5-5.5. For the soil of own preparation, it is possible to take equal parts of peat, humus, turf, and sand. 

Water: During flowering in the summer, abundant watering is about once a week. 

Fertilizer: From spring to autumn, every two to three weeks, liquid fertilizer without lime. In the fertilizer should be more potassium and phosphorus and less nitrogen. You can use fertilizer for orchids.

Temperature: In the summer: 71,6-77 ° F, in the winter 50-60,8 ° F. At a lower temperature, the flowers last longer.

Pruning: Prune your plant regularly throughout the spring and summer season to attain or maintain the desired shape and also to remove any dead growth.

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