Tabebuia Argentia 2" dia

Tabebuia Argentia 2" dia

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Tabebuia Argentia 2" dia

Tabebuia argentea is commonly known as Yellow Tabebuia, Golden Bell, Silver Trumpet Tree. The showy tropical flowering tree with a crooked trunk and corky bark, to 8 m high, covering itself in the leafless stage with a profusion of rich yellow trumpet flowers 5-8 cm long. 

Planting & Care

SunLight: require full-day sunlight 

Soil: Tabebuia argentea will grow in any well-drained soil.

Watering:  Regular irrigation in the dry period in the first two years will help the tree establish itself

Fertilizer: Apply the fertilizer in the spring before the onset of new growth. Do not fertilize your Tabebuia tree after the first three years of growth.

Temperature: best in 22 to 30 degrees C

Pruning:  Prune trees to remove wayward, broken, dead, or diseased branches.

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