Stones  - Shining - Dark 20Kg Bag

Stones - Shining - Dark 20Kg Bag

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Shining Dark Stones

We provide a cost-effective solution for landscaping and decoration through our decorative glossy dark black stones. It can be used anywhere in your house corners, Garden pathways, Garden borders, Miniature Gardens, Terrariums or garden area which adds a beautiful charm to your home. Use it in any way you want.


▪ Color: Dark Black

▪ Each unit contains: 20 Kg bag

▪  Pebbles type: Shining Black stones

▪ Placement: Indoor, Outdoor, Miniature gardens, landscapes, Pots, Terrarium etc.

▪ Can be used for: Decoration of pots, plants, gardens; Mulching etc

25 Kg Pack for 65 QR 

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