Spider plant

Spider plant

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Spider plant

The spider plant is considered one of the most adaptable and look especially nice in Ceramic Pot, and the easiest to grow. Spider plants produce a rosette of long, thin, arching clumps of grass-like leaves that is solid green or variegated with white

How To Care

Light: Keep plants in bright to moderate indirect sunlight.

Water: During initial growth, water occasionally, once fully developed water moderately but do not allow the plants to become too soggy.

Fertilizer: Fertilize up to twice a month in the spring and summer, however, avoid overfertilization.

Temperature: Spider plants prefer temperatures between 55 and 80°F (13–27°C)

Potting: Use root balls into several sections with some leaves and  then place the plant's roots in a fresh well-draining general potting mix.

Pruning:  If you notice brown or dead leaves or leaf tips, you should remove them. Snip the tip or leaf off using scissors

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