solanum rantonetti

solanum rantonetti

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Solanum Rantonetti 

The botanical name for this plant is generally accepted as Lycianthes rantonnetii. It is also known as Solanum rantonetii, Widely known by the common name of blue potato bush is a woody evergreen shrub that grows to approximately a meter tall with a lax. The attractive shallowly trumpet-shaped fragrant golden-centered blue-violet blooms give way to showy red berries, also is poisonous, and therefore inedible.

Planting & Care  

SunLight: Solanum Rantonetti is a sun-loving tropical plant. It requires more than 6 hours of continuous direct sunlight, morning sun is preferred.

Soil: Needed well-drained sandy soil enriched with lots of organic material.

Watering: Too much watering or lots of rain results in lush foliage with few or no flowers. Allow the soil to dry out between watering sessions.

Fertilizer:  Feed during spring and late summer (preferably after a good pruning) using potassium-rich fertilizer.

Temperature: Hates cool weather and won't grow well in below 40°F

Pruning: It should be pruned regularly to maintain a pleasing shape. Prune after each of its flower flushes to tidy the plant and encourage more blooms

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