sansevieria cylindrical Bacularis

sansevieria cylindrical Bacularis

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Sansevieria Cylindrical Bacularis

Sansevierias Cylindrical Bacularis is beautiful Spikey evergreen perennials that have become popular for their stylish appearance and their hardiness. The most common variety is known as snake plant or mother-in-law's tongue for its long pointed cylindrical leaves that tend to grow more vertically.

How To Care

Light:  Sansevieria tolerates filtered light. bright light brings out the colors in the leaves

Water: Water sparingly throughout the winter, allow the soil dry completely before watering.

Fertilizer: sansevieria is light feeder, feed the plant once every three weeks throughout the summer

Temperature: it will be damaged at temperature below 50 degrees Fahrenheit (10 degree Celsius)

Potting: leaf cuttings are the easiest ways for planting. Place suckers or parts of leaves in potting soil, and keep them slightly moist until they develop roots.

Pruning: needs no pruning

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