Ruellia - Ground Cover

Ruellia - Ground Cover

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Ruellia plants offer unique beauty to landscape areas and easy to care for and commonly known as Mexican Petunia belongs to Acanthaceae family. It has a great profusely flowering ground cover with dark green lanceolate grassy looking leaves and long funnel-shaped purple blooms growing on a perennial shrub.

Planting & Care 

SunLight: Purple showers love full sun.The more sunlight they receive, the more flower they produce

Soil: free-draining to sandy soil. Will perform best with extra organic matter in the soil.

Water: Requires abundant watering, just enough to keep the soil consistently moist.

Fertilizer: grow well without an additional boost of fertilizers. If you still want to feed your plants, a tablespoon of 10-10-10 fertilizer is enough Once every 2-3 weeks.

Temperature: don’t do well in the cold. As temperatures start to drop, it is best to move Mexican petunias out of the way of the cold and chilly winter breeze.

Pruning: Trim out any dead leaves and remove dead flowers for aesthetic purposes. Cut off the seed pods if you don’t want the plant to spew its seeds.

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