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Rhododendrons and azaleas are acid-loving, woody shrubs with colorful flower clusters in many landscapes and is fairly low maintenance when planted properly. Plant the rhododendron bush in spring when the danger of frost has passed. The flowers are tubular, funnel, or bell-shape and often fragrant. The leaves of the smaller azalea are usually pointed and narrow

Planting & Care  

SunLight: Plant in full sun to increase flowers and avoid mildew problems. Shrubs need a minimum of 6 hours of full sun daily.

Soil: Plants thrive in acidic soil (pH 6 and lower) that are light, well-drained, and rich in organic matter.

Watering: Due to their shallow, fine roots, they require regular watering through dry periods

Fertilizer: Fertilize azaleas and rhododendrons sparingly and only when flower buds swell in the early spring, even if they are fall bloomers. Heavy applications of fertilizer will burn the plants.

Temperature: Prefer damp climates and mild temperatures

Pruning: Remove dead wood and wilted flowers regularly (deadheading).

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