Quisqualis indica - 4 Stick - Creeper

Quisqualis indica - 4 Stick - Creeper

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Quisqualis indica

An extremely beautiful shrubby vine star-shaped flower change color from white to pink to red. The plant is used as herbal medicine. The scientific name is Quisqualis indica, from the family of Combretaceae. Apart from Drunken Sailor, also known as Red jasmine, Rangoon Creeper, and Chinese Honeysuckle. It's a Very fast-growing plant and perfect for covering a fence.

How To Care 

LightQuisqualis indica generally requires an area with medium to bright light. The preferred climate zone for this flower is tropical.

Water: Need regular watering to keep the soil wet and need a support stand for the vine to grow on.

Fertilizer: Fertilize twice a year with a flowering fertilizer to boost blooming, fertile humus soil with a mix of sand that can retain water.

Temperature: It succeeds in tropical, subtropical and temperate climes where it’s usually warm and humid.

Potting: Suitable for growing on a trellis and in pots. It can propagate by Stem Cuttings. Choose an adult cutting and putting green, which is at least 2 to 3 inches long.

Pruning: by pinching back growing tips of young vines. This stimulates branching.

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