Pomelo ( Citrus Grandis )  1.5 m ht

Pomelo ( Citrus Grandis ) 1.5 m ht

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Pomelo  1.5 m ht

The Grapefruit tree, sometimes called pomelo, largest fruit of citrus family having up to 10 inches fruits, which are sweet and tart in taste with easily removable orange like thick pale yellow skin, much like other citrus and, therefore, the fruit keeps for long periods of time.

Planting & Care  

SunLight: Like all citrus varieties, pomelo needs full sun to produce its large juicy fruits. It can also be grown in partial sun, but it will produce less fruits.

Soil: Pomelo can be grown in many types of soil, however, it grows best in medium-textured soil of pH around 5.5 to 7. *Soil must be well-draining to prevent root rot.

Watering: Pomelo likes moist soil. If grown on the ground it should be watered at least once a week.

Fertilizer: Should be fertilized every 2-3 years with a citrus fertilizer. Feed-in early spring when plants start growing.

Temperature: Best in between 70 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit

Pruning: Prune your pomelo tree, at the end of the winter beginning of the spring (after the fruits)

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