Rose Pink Indoor 30 CM Height

Rose Pink Indoor 30 CM Height

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Rose Pink

Pink roses are all hybrids or cultivars because pink is not a natural color. These are the accent home's interior with beautiful rose blooms and have been used to communicate heartfelt emotions for centuries. The botanical name is Rosa x hybrida.

How To Care

Light: They need several hours of direct sun so a south-facing window is best to keep.

Water: Water your roses daily or every other day, Roses need a lot of water but not standing water. The pot should be flushed through with each watering.

Fertilizer: Fertilize monthly with a water-soluble variety. Roses like to feed a lot. Make sure the soil is rich and yet light— some compost, some perlite, some peat or similar fertilizer.

Temperature: For roses to grow it must be kept at a temperature around 15 to 28-degree celsius.

Potting: Repot your indoor red roses once in a year to change the soil.  Winter is the perfect time to pot your indoor rose

Pruning: Use sharp scissors to remove blooms as soon as they fade or remove any dead branches and those that intersect others, to keep new flowers coming.

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