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Petunia is the best choice one of the most beautiful species of South American origin annual flowering plants. They are the prolific bloomers and provide flowers throughout the summer.

Planting & Care 

Light: Petunias need a good soak in the sun. It is always recommended to keep the plants in an outdoor spot that receives direct sunlight stays for almost 5 to 6 hours per day to bloom abundantly. 

Watering: This attractive flowering plant requires moderate watering and slightly moist soil during the day. Water regularly but let the soil to dry out between the watering spells to avoid root rot.

Fertilizer: Petunias are greedy and needy plants when it comes to fertilizer. Either apply slow-release fertilizer at the time of planting or feed them every other week using organic compost or diluted liquid fertilizer. 

Temperature: They need air movement and a sizable temperate change from days to nights. Petunias also prefer warmer temperatures for germination, after that move them from the warm area and let them grow in low-temperature 

Potting: When potting, use a free-draining soilless potting mix fortified with a slow-release fertilizer.

Pruning: Need to be deadheaded to keep blooming freely, remove faded flowers so that the plant can concentrate its energy to get the maximum bloomings.

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