Pennisatum Purple Fountain Grass

Pennisatum Purple Fountain Grass

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Pennisatum Purple Fountain Grass

Pennisatum Purple fountain grass is quite versatile among the loveliest of the ornamental grasses. With many uses in the landscape thus can be a stand-alone as specimen plants. Its deep purple leaves and long colorful flower spikes can be a spectacular display.

How To Care 

Light: These plants need a sunny location with well-draining soil.

Water: Water once or twice a week until plants are established.

Fertilizer: The grass needs additional nutrients while flowering, use a general-purpose slow-release fertilizer

Temperature: Purple fountain grass is hardy down to temperatures of 20 degrees F.

Potting: spring is the most suitable time for planting.  can be propagated through seed or division.

Pruning: cut it back after flowering in late winter or early spring to encourage lots of fresh, attractive growth.

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