Parkinsonia Aculeata

Parkinsonia Aculeata

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Parkinsonia Aculeata Yellow: 2.0-2.5 m Ht, 1'' dia

The genus Parkinsonia aculeata belongs to the family Fabaceae. They are fast-growing trees with a wide crown that reaches 8 meters in height. They have deciduous leaves formed by serrated leaflets and thorns on the branches. The showy flowers appear in axillary yellow-orange clusters. They bloom in summer.

Planting & Care 

SunLight: Parkinsonia aculeata requires full sun exposure; in semi-shade, they grow more slowly. They resist occasional frosts.

Soil: They grow in any type of soil that is well-drained, even calcareous soils.

Water: Water moderately, waiting until the substrate has completely dried. They are very resistant to prolonged drought.

Fertilizer: Fertilize once with mineral fertilizer in spring.

Temperature: It thrives in hot climates and is susceptible to severe damage in climates that see temperatures below 18 degrees Fahrenheit or -7.8 degrees Celsius.

Pruning: Prune it only if you need to restrict growth.

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