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Henna scientifically called Lawsonia inermis is a perennial tropical plant. also commonly known as Mehndi. The leaves that can be crushed to create as a natural dye on the skin and hair for centuries. 

How To Care

Light: prefer bright light and direct sun. If possible 12 hours of bright sun light is best for growth

Water: Generally, watering is needed depending on light conditions, location and foliage watering may be required weekly or daily.

Fertilizer: Applying fertilizers will help you to get a good leaf supply.

Temperature: really needs is warm temperatures for germination and growth. The ideal temperature is between 66 and 80 F(19-27 C). never drop below 50F or 11 C.

Potting:  choose a seed or stem, plant it in a large pot of potting soil with adequate drain holes., and give it one drenching watering, then put it in your sunniest window.

Pruning: cut away dead branches or leaves during the harvesting season

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