Murraya , 70 to 80 CM Ht - 4 Stick Support

Murraya , 70 to 80 CM Ht - 4 Stick Support

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Murraya is a plant in Rutaceae (citrus) family and commonly known as orange jessamine or satinwood is a flowering shrub with twisting branches, dark green glossy leaves and fragrant blossoms and smell like orange blossoms, flowering will occur year-round.

How To care

Light: Provide your plant full sunlight should be exposed to six or more hours of sunlight per day

Water: Water the plant infrequently, every 10 to 14 days

Fertilizer: Feed plants once every three to four weeks throughout the growing season

Temperature: must have temperatures above 40 degrees Fahrenheit

Potting: dig up the plant and roots and transplant it to the new container. The roots are fragile, so be especially careful not to damage them when repotting

Pruning: Prune in winter to shape the tree and reduce the size, remove dead wood and branches that rub.

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