Oleander 200cm height

Oleander 200cm height

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Oleander 200cm height

Oleander plants is an ornamental shrub or trees with attractive 5 spreading petals. Belonging to the dogbane family, also known as adelfa plants, with lovely flower clusters and are of pink color, rarely white or yellow. 

How To Care

Light:   The oleander is a real sun plant that will blossom all year with enough sun and warmth.

Water: It doesn’t need as much water

Fertilizer: Fertilizing once a year, it needs a lot of nutrients and a lot of fertilizer during its growth period.

Temperature: Should keep the plant out of the extreme cold.

Potting:  should only be trimmed cautiously, Young plants repotted yearly once a year at the beginning of growth.

Pruning:  The best time in pruning oleander plants is right after they have finished blooming

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