Ocimum Basilicum

Ocimum Basilicum

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Ocimum Basilicum - Purple 

The Ocimum Basilicum or purple basil with its reddish-purple leaves has a quite distinct and individualistic aroma and Belonging to the same family of plants as peppermint. The purple color is due to the presence of anthocyanins and is particularly rich in Vitamin A, C, and calcium. 

Planting & Care 
Sunlight: Ocimum Basilicum needs 6-8 hours of sun every day
Soil: Basil grows well in well-drained loamy soil with a pH of 6-7.
Watering:   Keep soil consistently moist through the growing season.
Temperature: Lowest Temperature be like 20° to 30°F (-7° to -1°C)
Fertilizer: Apply a 1-2” (3-5cm) layer of mulch or compost. 

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