Mulberry (Morus Alba) - 2.5 m ht

Mulberry (Morus Alba) - 2.5 m ht

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Morus Alba - 2.5 m ht

Morus alba known as white mulberry belongs to the family Moraceae. The small to the medium-sized mulberry tree will produce mildly sweet, reminiscent of watermelon tasted Berries. This is the mulberry used to feed silkworms. The white mulberry is so-named for the color of its buds, rather than the color of its fruit. Small yellowish-green flowers in drooping catkins bloom in spring (March-April) and sweet, edible blackberry-like fruits that mature in June. 

Planting & Care

SunLight: Morus alba or White mulberry trees need full to part sun location 

Soil: Morus alba flourishes well in soils that are flat, deep, fertile, well-drained, loamy to clayeysoil. The ideal range of soil pH is 6.2 to 6.8,

Watering: Deep regular watering is essential for a few months when your plant is establishing. 

Fertilizer: Apply fertilizer moderately! During the start of the growing season, you can spread the granular balanced fertilizer over the soil or feed the plant with balanced liquid fertilizer at a regular interval of 7-10 days.

Temperature: The ideal range of temperature is from 24 to 28°C.

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