Mandevilla Yellow

Mandevilla Yellow

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Mandevilla Yellow 2 to 3 Meter Height 

The Mandevilla vine has become a popular spring garden center item over the past few years. This evergreen plant has vining stems covered by oval-shaped glossy dark green leaves and, big trumpet-shaped red, white or pink flowers with yellow throats or all-yellow blooms. It can be used in the landscape, in containers, and hanging pots.

How To Care

Light: The plants like with either direct or indirect sunlight or filtered sunlight

Water:  Mandevilla prefers regular amounts of water, Water your plant weekly with a deep soaking until you see moist soil

Fertilizer: Need high phosphorous fertilizer, such as 10-20-10  over once every two weeks to promote blooms.

Temperature: 45 to 50 ° F is the minimum temperature that can be tolerated by Mandevilla, can't withstand temperatures much below 50 degrees.

Potting: Plant Mandevilla in spring and use a pot with drainage holes to prevent root rot. Choose a filtered-shade location with well-drained soil high in organic content.

Pruning: Trim back new shoots to a leaf node during the growing season, cut away the old stems to encourage bushy growth and keep the vine from trailing too far. Prune more in the spring before new growth begins

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