Lonicera Halliana(Iraqi Jasmin)

Lonicera Halliana(Iraqi Jasmin)

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Lonicera Halliana(Iraqi Jasmin)

Lonicera japonica 'Halliana' is an extremely vigorous climber that is prized for its long bloom period and fragrant white flowers and which makes it a popular choice, gradually fades to yellow, and it is not uncommon to see white, pink, and yellow colors from the late spring onwards. This climber plant, that twines thickly around any vertical structure, whether it is a trellis or a tree. 

Planting & Care 

SunLight: Lonicera Halliana is an adaptable plant that does well in full sun to part shade, but a shadier location is sometimes preferred 

Soil: Lonicera Halliana does well in any average soil, provided it is well-drained.

Watering: keep Japanese honeysuckle well-watered (one inch per week) and protect the soil with a layer of bark mulch. 

Fertilizer: The only feeding required is a layer of compost plus organic fertilizer in the spring.

Temperature: Lonicera Halliana thrives in diverse conditions throughout its hardiness zone range. It is deciduous in colder climates

Pruning: Prune in early spring (March), if required. Cut back old woody stems and trim back overlong shoots

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