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Livistona 50 to 60cm

The leaves of the Livistona are round in outline from a very early age and have a glossy green colour, look like a fan and hence the name fan palm. It has a unique feature in the swollen base trunk looks and feels like an elephant’s foot from which clusters of long strap-like leaves arch and droop gracefully from the trunk giving the impression of a tropical palm. 

Planting & Care 

SunLight: The plant prefers partial shade to full sun. Indoors, it needs to be kept in a place where there is a bright light.

Soil: Use soil-based potting mixture. Top dress the plant every year with fresh potting mixture.

Water:  Water the plant enough so that the soil is kept moist at all times. Care should be taken that the soil is not soggy.

Fertilizer: The feeding of the plant, indoors, should be reduced to 3-4 weeks and always followed by watering. It is preferable to use slow-release fertilizers.

Temperature: Normal room temperature is suitable for the plant.

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