Lemon grass

Lemon grass

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Lemon Grass 

Lemon Grass is a perennial grass that grows in clusters up to 6 feet tall, with long, pointed, and aromatic leaves. Lemon Grass is a great digestive to ease stomach cramps, flatulence, and indigestion.  Also known as Fever Grass, it promotes perspiration, helps break fevers, and cools the body.

How To Care 

Light: Give lemongrass 6-8 hours of sun for optimal exposure.   

Soil: Choose a well-drained soil (most any bagged soil mix) that will stay moist.

Water: lemongrass is not a drought-tolerant plant. Keep the roots constantly moist for best plant health. 

Fertilizer: Fertilize lemongrass every couple weeks during the growing season.

Temperature: lemongrass thrives in hot, steamy climates

Pruning: Lemongrass plants that live for more than one season benefit from an annual haircut to tidy up plants and remove dead foliage.

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