Jatropha Single Stem

Jatropha Single Stem

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Jatropha is also known as Barbados nut or purging nut. It is a flowering plant of the spurge family. 

How To Care

Light: Jatropha plant should get plenty of sunlight, but no direct sunlight.

Water: The land should be constantly moderately moist. The plant should never stand in the water

Fertilizer: During the growth, fertilizer is added to the diluted cactus once a month.

Temperature: Optimum temperatures are between 20˚C and 28˚C.

Potting: Jatropha plants are potted through seeds and stem cutting.

Pruning: Jatropha can be pruned at any time. They can be pruned as a single trunk for tree growth, or tip pruned for internal branching.

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