Strelitizia reginae

Strelitizia reginae

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Strelitizia Reginae

The strelitzia Reginae or Bird of Paradise is one of the most spectacular blooms and nicely dense leafage that can be grown indoors, Sure to attract everyone's attention when it blooms.

Planting & Care 

Light: This plant needs bright light, even including some direct sunlight, to bloom well. 

Soil: Use nutrient-rich, well-drained, well-aerated, and porous potting mix.

Water: Water thoroughly in the summer and reduce watering for the winter & rainy season.

Temperature:  Keep the air temperature above 60 degrees Fahrenheit in the winter. 

Fertilizer: fertilize a plant mostly in the spring and early monsoon season with slow-release pellets or liquid fertilizer

Pruning: No pruning is actually necessary except if you wish to balance the shrub out. Eliminate dried leaves as they appear.

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