Dendrobium berry

Dendrobium berry

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Dendrobium Berry

Dendrobium orchid, which was created by crossing Dendrobium kingianum with Dendrobium ‘Mini Pearl’.  This new orchid is very popular with indoor gardeners.  Dendrobium ‘Berry Oda’ produces stems that resemble bamboo canes.  Plants flower for a few months every year.  These rose pink colored, scented flowers are at their most fragrant in the morning and again at dusk. 

Planting & Care  

SunLight: Should be placed in a light spot, but no direct sunlight.

Soil: It can be grown on a wide range of soils including those that are poor and waterlogged

Watering: Keep evenly moist while in active growth. Allow drying between waterings after growth is mature. A mature Dendrobium can be indicated by the terminal leaf.

Fertilizer: A good general rule is to apply a balanced 20-20-20 or similar ratio of fertilizer during the period of active growth. Fertilize every week at one quarter to one half of the recommended dilution.

Temperature: Dendrobium orchid need 5-24  degree C

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