Petunia Compacta

Petunia Compacta

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Petunia Compacta

Petunia compact, bushy varieties are perfect for planting in beds and borders. Trumpet-shaped blooms have a single set of plain edged petals and come in shades of red, rose, scarlet, salmon, violet and white. 

Planting & Care 

SunLight: Petunias prefer to be grown in full sun, although during hot, sunny summers they will tolerate light shade.

Soil:  Light, moderately fertile soil with good drainage and an acidic pH ranging between 6 to 7 is ideal for growing petunias.

Water: deep watering once a week would suffice, check the soil moisture every day to ensure there is proper drainage

Fertilizer: Fertilize your plants monthly to ensure good growth. Double-flowered cultivars like a biweekly dose of fertilizer.

Temperature:  Ideal germination temperature for Petunias should range between 22 to 30 °C

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