Poinsettia Red

Poinsettia Red

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The fiery red plant poinsettia is everywhere and they bloom during December. Actually, they are not flowers but modified leaves called bracts.

How To Care 

Light: Poinsettias need a minimum of six hours of bright sunlight each day.

Water: If the plant feels dry, add normal watering  immediately.

Fertilizer: Feed in the growing season at half strength every month

Temperature: prefer temperatures from 65 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit,  Never let the plant be exposed to temperatures less than 55°F

Potting: Plant the poinsettia in the ground, or leave it in the pot if you wish. you can expect a shrub-like plant during the summer.

Pruning:  Pinch back new growth in June and Cut the stems to half their size in March or April.

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