Dieffenbachia Maroba - 60 - 70 CM Ht

Dieffenbachia Maroba - 60 - 70 CM Ht

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The large and showy dieffenbachia is known also as the “Dumb Cane” makes an excellent living decoration for the home or office. 

How To Care

Light: need indirect bright light, light shade is acceptable but nothing darker

Water: it won't mind a routine watering regime.

Fertilizer: Feed in the growing season at half strength every month

Temperature: The plant suffers if the temperatures get to low prefer Warm Temperatures between  16°C - 27°C / 60°F - 80 °F.

Potting: the top can be cut off and potted into fresh potting soil, repot the plant every other year in spring

Pruning: Snip off the yellowed leaves near the stem.

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