Rose Different Colours - ( Assorted )

Rose Different Colours - ( Assorted )

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Roses are a special type of flower that is sensitive to the environment around them and also known as the 'Queen of Flowers'. Pink roses are all hybrids or cultivars because pink is not a natural color. The botanical name is Rosa x hybrida.

Planting & Care 

SunLight: They need several hours of direct sun, plants won’t bloom if they don’t get enough sunshine.

Soil: Roses need a soil that drains well but holds onto moisture long enough for the roots to absorb some. Clay or loamy soil is ideal.

Water: Water your roses daily or every other day, Roses need a lot of water but not standing water. The pot should be flushed through with each watering.

Fertilizer: Fertilize monthly with a water-soluble variety. Roses like to feed a lot. Make sure the soil is rich and yet light— some compost, some perlite, some peat or similar fertilizer. 

Temperature:  For roses to grow it must be kept at a temperature around 15 to 28-degree celsius.

Pruning: Prune roses in the spring to destroy all old stems. Use sharp scissors to remove blooms as soon as they fade or remove any dead branches and those that intersect others, to keep new flowers coming.

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