African Violet - Mixed Colors [ Available Color Only ]

African Violet - Mixed Colors [ Available Color Only ]

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African Violet - Mixed Colors

African violets are small houseplants that produce clusters of white, blue, or purple flowers over fuzzy leaves. Despite their common name, they are not a type of violet, but they do produce vivid, violet-colored flowers

Planting & Care 

Sunlight: African violets prefer bright, indirect light. Avoid direct sunlight and keep them at least a few feet away from bright south- or west-facing windows. 

Soil: use an actual African violet potting mix or an all-purpose potting soil, as long as it is well-draining

Water: Keep the soil lightly moist, but be careful not to overwater, as African violets’ soft stems are very susceptible to rot. 

Fertilizer: during the active growing season (spring and summer), fertilize every 2 weeks with a high phosphorous plant food. Only start to fertilize when the plant appears to need an extra boost 

Temperature: Many varieties prefer warm conditions (65°F/18°C or warmer) though some are more tolerant of cooler conditions. In any case, keep them away from drafty windows in winter.

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