Eucalyptus Tree [ Long leaf  ] 2.5 Mtr Ht - 3 Mtr Height - 2-3 CM dia .

Eucalyptus Tree [ Long leaf ] 2.5 Mtr Ht - 3 Mtr Height - 2-3 CM dia .

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Eucalyptus Tree 2.5 Mtr - 3 Mtr Height , 2-3 CM dia . 

Eucalyptus Camaldulensis Rostrata can be left to grow naturally or pruned to restrict its height and spread. Prune in early spring and again in May/June to trim back new bushy growth. Mulch each year but keep mulch away from the trunk as it may cause rot.

This is a large fast-growing tree that’s best grown as a specimen in a large garden or kept well pruned in smaller spaces. Its aromatic foliage is welcomed in the dull winter months and the small flowers attract pollinators . 


Plant yours in a sunny spot near a water source if possible. If planting into soil without a water source nearby keep it well watered in the dry months.
Fill the planting hole with plenty of well-rotted manure or compost and keep grass clear from the base until established to cut down on nutrient competition.


This is a hardy tree that once established withstands cold winters and hot summers. Its scented leaves deter pests.


The scented foliage is popular and long-lasting in flower arrangements.

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