Sweet Smelling Plants That Can Fill Your Lives With Fragrance

Sweet Smelling Plants That Can Fill Your Lives With Fragrance

Growing plants is a great way to add color and vitality to your home. But did you think of the perfume factor when it comes to plants? 

In addition to their beautiful appearance, Fragrance in the garden is as essential as color. many houseplants are beautifully fragrant, making your home smell fantastic too. We’ve picked 10 of the best smelling flowering plants that you can successfully grow in your garden.

There are so many flowers that can bring a wonderful scent to your house, especially if you’re in dire need to spruce up your house.

These lovely perfumed plants add another level of enjoyment to your garden.



 The Gardenia plant Renowned for being one of the most amazingly fragrant flowers. The gorgeous white blooms look lovely nestled in among the glossy dark, green leaves. Gardenias can be successfully grown indoors as well. Give them the growing conditions they need, and they’ll bloom for you in summer and into the fall. 

Gardenia prefers a humid, very bright environment. Water and fertilize it regularly in spring and summer; hold off on the fertilizer and let the potting mix barely dry between waterings in fall and winter. Protect it from hot and cold drafts.


Plumeria is a tropical plant that’s grown for its incredible fragrance and gorgeous flowers, plumeria flowers are often used to make Hawaiian leis. These best-smelling flowers appear in a wide range of shades, including reds and pinks, yellows and oranges, whites, and mixtures. Give plumeria a warm, very bright spot and protection from drafts. Keep it moderately moist in spring and summer and reduce watering in fall and winter. The tree may go dormant and lose its leaves but will begin to grow again once days get warmer. It’s important to fertilize Plumeria during the growing season from spring to fall. This can encourage blossoms to grow


The Mandevilla vine (rock trumpet plant) has an elegant flowering plant and can increase the beauty of your outdoor garden. This evergreen plant has vining stems covered by oval-shaped glossy dark green leaves and, big trumpet-shaped red, white, or pink flowers with yellow throats or all-yellow blooms. The vigorous Mandevilla vine makes an excellent spring and summertime addition to any bright light landscape, patio or trellis vines and overwinter nicely indoors during the cold winter months. Mandevilla flowers need sandy, well-draining soil with plenty of organic material mixed in.


 Scented Geranium

Start exploring the world of scented geraniums and you'll be amazed at the range of aromas these fragrant plants offer. The name geranium is an umbrella term as there are over 200 species of plants that fall under this name. Some have a very unique fragrance that can fill a room with the scent of lemon, lime, rose, and even nutmeg. And Geraniums are beautiful plants, with their unique shape of leaves. Geraniums need plenty of bright light when they’re grown indoors. In the winter they’ll need direct light to keep them growing and thriving, so they get ready to bloom again the next year.

If you brush their leaves or touch them, the plant will quickly release a burst of aroma. When it comes to fragrant indoor plants, this one is easy to grow and comes in many forms. They also offer a variety of health benefits:


Arabian Jasmine

These are a personal favorite to many because they’re like a small, sweet-smelling package. Arabian Jasmine is known for being one of the more elegant indoor plant options. These flowers are brilliant pearly white flowers. This plant produces a sweet and delicate aroma, which many compare to fresh linens. It also comes in many varieties and most species need to be placed in a room with high light, humidity, and temperature to bloom.



The fragrant leaves of spearmint (Mentha spicata) release their minty scent, especially when a slight draft or breeze is blowing. For many years, people have used mint in the perfume industry. There’s a huge variety of mint and spearmint for you to choose from, all with the fresh scent of mint. Commonly grown in outdoor herb gardens, It’s a wonderful addition to an indoor garden easy to grow and not plagued by pests. Give it a spot near a sunny window for best growth. Harvest leaves as needed for tea or desserts. 

Be sure to trim back the leaves by pinching off the tips and any flower buds that start to grow. These flowers don’t have any scent and are just a sign that your mint plant is getting too stringy. East facing windows are ideal as they provide cool sunlight in the morning.

Indoor Citrus

When you walk into a room that contains a citrus plant, you're sure to fall in love with the sweet scent of orange, lemon, grapefruit, or other citrus blossoms. Whether it’s lime, lemon, or orange, indoor citrus plants are some of the best smelling indoor plants, and a great way to freshen your home.

You can easily grow citrus trees inside! All they need are good light, some humidity, soil that drains well, and ample watering. If you're patient, you may even get to enjoy homegrown fruits.


These Orchids are an incredibly popular kind of fragrant indoor plant. There are many different species of orchids, with a variety of colors including pink, lavender, dark purple. The scents Orchids give off also depend on the species, as some of them like Jasmine and others like coconut. 


Begonias are old-fashioned favorites. This beauty offers clusters of pink fragrant flowers over lustrous green leaves. You'll find begonia isn't too temperamental but performs best in a medium to bright spot that has high humidity and protection from drafts. Water and fertilize this begonia regularly in spring and summer to ensure a steady show of flowers.


Lavender isn’t just a beautiful looking plant, it is famous for it's sweet, gentle aroma and beautifully vibrant purple flowers. The relaxing and gentle fragrance is very distinctive and one that can permeate a room with its subtle scent. Often grown outdoors also

When growing lavender indoors, choose smaller varieties that are better for growing in pots. English lavender is a good choice as it has a stronger fragrance than French lavender. This beauty needs high light to grow its best. Keep plants on the dry side, allowing the soil to dry out between waterings. 


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