Staycation Garden

Staycation Garden

What is a staycation garden? The goal of a staycation garden is to create a space that is so cozy, comfortable and inviting that you can enjoy a mini vacation any time the mood strikes you. After all, why spend money on gas or endure crowded airports and hordes of tourists when you can simply kick back in the comfort of home? How do you go about making staycation backyard gardens? Read on for a few staycation garden ideas that are sure to pique your creativity. How to Make a Staycation Garden The idea of a staycation garden isn’t to create a ton of work for yourself, which is completely counterproductive to the end goal. Here are a few basics for creating a staycation garden to streamline and simplify so you can spend more time in the comfort of your own space: Rely on perennials, which require very little attention.

Rely on perennials, which require very little attention once they’re established. Look for drought-tolerant plants that don’t need a lot of irrigation. Consider plants native to your area, which are beautiful and tend to be resistant to pests and disease. Use mulch around plants, including shrubs and trees, to conserve moisture and limit growth of weeds in your staycation backyard garden. Consider installing a watering system for your lawn. If a watering system is out of your price range, set up a timer to turn sprinklers on and off at a designated time.

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