PLANTS CARE - KENTIA PALM [Howea Forsteriana]

PLANTS CARE - KENTIA PALM [Howea Forsteriana]

Kentia palm is one of the most elegant and expensive palms that can be used indoors. Ranging in size from 4ft. to 12ft., a Kentia is slow growing, durable, and very forgiving. It has long (sometimes several feet in length) graceful, feathery, dark green fronds coming off of a single thin trunk. This stately palm can grow almost...


As with other indoor plants, Kentia palm care requires the right watering and lighting levels for a long life. Fortunately, because the Kentia

palm is so forgiving, it will tolerate low-light and low-humidity conditions, as well as dust, heat, and general neglect.

Find an area in your home that receives indirect light through a window; it does not necessarily need to be an extremely bright spot.

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