Hypoestes phyllostachya

Hypoestes phyllostachya

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Hypoestes Phyllostachya - Polka Dots Plants

Polka dot plant (hypoestes phyllostachya) is one of those houseplants. As its name suggests, the plant sports polka-dotted foliage striking color combos. These include pink and green, pink and white, green and white and red and green.

Planting & Care 

SunLight: Choose a spot where the plant receives partial sunlight

Soil: Plant in rich, well-draining soil, An organic potting soil is ideal.

Water: Though they require even moisture, polka dot plant will easily succumb to root rot if conditions are too wet. 

Fertilizer: Polka dot plant is a fairly heavy feeder. Fertilize once a month with a high-quality organic fertilizer

Temperature: Polka dot plant requires moist air and temperatures around 75 degrees Fahrenheit to grow well.

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