Hibiscus tilicious rubra

Hibiscus tilicious rubra

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Hibiscus Tilicious Rubra 100-120cm Ht

Hibiscus tiliaceus rubra, also known as the Cottonwood Hibiscus, is a rounded medium-sized native tree with heart-shaped, deep green to red foliage.r small tree with large heart-shaped leaves and bright sunny yellow flowers.  funnel-shaped, Rubra's leaves are deeply-colored maroon and plum, especially when young.

How To Care 

Light: Plant in full sun - partly shaded position in the garden

Soil: Keep the plants in moist soil types including clay and salt. 

Water:  requires moderate watering.

Fertilizer: Fertilise the plant once in month s during its blooming period with a general purpose Fertilizer or NPK Fertilizer

Temperature: flowers best in temperatures between 60-90 F. (16-32 C.) and cannot tolerate temps below 32 F

Pruning:  prune after flowering regularly 

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