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Hibiscus plants are deciduous shrubs with dark green leaves, known for their large exotic look and produce colorful trumpet-shaped blooms. The potted tropical hibiscus plant is very popular and comes from the Mallow Family.

Planting & Care 

SunLight: Hibiscuses will grow without direct sunlight, but they won’t bloom without at least 1 to 2 hours of direct sunlight every day

Soil:  preferring soils that are moist but well-drained. Loam and sandy loam soils tend to be the best, Hibiscus prefers neutral to slightly acidic soil.

Water: Water plants 3 to 4 times per week. Hibiscus will need daily watering in warm weather.

Fertilizer: Fertilize your hibiscuses every 2 weeks that will result in more abundant blooms 

Temperature:  They enjoy warm temperatures 75°F (24°C) is the ideal blooming temperature for hibiscus plants

Pruning: Hibiscus plants do not need to be pruned much. Remove all weak growth and any branches that are growing sideways.

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