Guzmania White Green

Guzmania White Green

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Guzmania White Green

Guzmania plants are perennial plants in the Bromeliaceae family. Guzmania lingulata, which has very popular because of its large red star-shaped flower.

How To Care

Light: Guzmanias prefer natural bright light. should avoid exposure to any direct hot sunlight.

Water: moisture is collected through their leaves, they’d appreciate a spraying or misting once or twice a week.

Fertilizer: best to spray the fertilizer onto the foliage & the surface of the growing medium. can use diluted  orchid plant food

Temperature: Guzmanias thrive in temperatures of at least 55 F. (13 C.) or higher.

Potting: remove the pups with a sharp from the root plant pot them up in fresh orchids mix. it will grow fine in orchid bark or cymbidium mix

Pruning: don't need much pruning, when the tip of the plant’s leaves become brown or damaged, can snip off the section

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