Carissa grandiflora (20 - 30cm Height in 10cm Pot)

Carissa grandiflora (20 - 30cm Height in 10cm Pot)

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Carissa grandiflora (20 - 30cm Height in 10cm Pot) 

The gorgeous glossy foliage and richly fragrant, starry white flowers will make this a garden favorite. Species types of Natal Plum have thorny branches and make great barrier hedges. The small fruits taste like cranberries and are used in jams and jellies.

Planting & Care 

Sunlight: Grow Natal plum in a location that receives full sun for the best results. 

Soil: Natal plums plants prefer a slightly acid or neutral pH, but will tolerate slightly alkaline soil.

Water: Water monthly to weekly depending on the variety, 

Fertilizer: Use a fertilizer that has equal parts of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. This will help maintain the shrub's general health and promote fruiting.

Temperature: The Natal plum thrives in temperatures that range above 68 degrees Fahrenheit during the day and between 50 and 65 degrees at night

Pruning: Pruning may be needed to remove dead branches, encourage bushier growth, promote more flowers, or maintain a specific size or shape.

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