aptenia cordifolia  (15 - 20cm Spread in 10cm Pot)

aptenia cordifolia (15 - 20cm Spread in 10cm Pot)

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Aptenia Cordifolia  (15 - 20cm Spread in 10cm Pot)

Aptenia cordifolia is a low-growing ground cover forming a dense mat very close to the soil surface and, a member of the Fig-marigold family Aizoaceae. The green leaves may be heart-shaped or oval and, the flowers come in shades of bright pink, red, yellow, and purple and are very attractive.

Planting & Care 

Sunlight: Aptenia cordifolia likes full sun but can survive in semi-shade. 

Soil: Red Aptenia is tolerant of almost any pH level in the soil. 

Water: for best performance, water the plant regularly as you would any cactus or succulent. 

Fertilizer: 2 times a year in April and July fertilize fertilizer for cacti.

Temperature: In the summer: room, in winter it is desirable not higher than 59 ° F.

Pruning: Early in the springtime, trim plants to remove any stems damaged during the winter.

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