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Caricature Plant - Graptophyllum

Graptophyllum has oval-shaped glossy dark mahogany colored foliage also known as Caricature plant. The stems are usually reddish and contrast nicely with the leaves. The plant can grow up to to 6' at maturity. The plant blooms in summer with pink-red tubular flowers collected in a brush. In indoor conditions, flowering is rare.

Planting & Care 

SunLight: Caricature plant is a versatile grower that thrives in both full sun and full shade.

Water: Keep the soil moist, water the plant regularly with a deep soaking.

Soil: Plant out in organically rich, medium moist, well-drained soils

Fertilizer: Fertilize the Caricature Plant plant a couple of times a year (at minimum) to keep it happy. You can fertilize more frequently if you wish, especially if you grow it in a bright spot. Use any houseplant fertilizer

Temperature: Temperatures above 55 degrees Fahrenheit (13°C) to grow 

Pruning: Can prune caricature plant any time it starts to grow out of bounds

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