Gardenia Outdoor  in Ceramic Pot. 70 Cm Total Height.

Gardenia Outdoor in Ceramic Pot. 70 Cm Total Height.

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Gardenia in Ceramic Pot. 70 Cm Total Height

Gardenia is an ornamental evergreen shrub with glossy dark green leaves and waxy white wonderfully fragrant flowers. The flowering plant belongs to the family Rubiaceae.

How To Care

Light: gardenias grown indoors prefer plenty of light to bloom

Water:  Water gardenias with an inch of water once a week.

Fertilizer: Apply some organic mulch to the gardenias and feed the gardenias with acid fertilizer once in spring and again in summer.

Temperature: The favorable temperature for indoor gardenias is above 60 degrees.

Potting: Don't bother with repotting unless the roots have almost filled the pot and grow out through the drainage holes.

Pruning: Prune gardenias plant in early spring to shape the bush.

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