Lemon - Green - 60 CM

Lemon - Green - 60 CM

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Lime trees are an evergreen citrus variety and produce clusters of lightly fragranced white flowers. These small blossoms then grow to form the little green-skinned fruits. The tangy and sour, lemon adds flavor to every cuisine. 

Planting & Care 

Light: Lime trees should need plenty of sunlight daily.

Soil: can grow in nearly any soil with good drainage, they grow best in loamy or sandy loam soils. 

Water:  Need their soil to be kept moist, Best care of lime trees mean that you water consistently but not obsessively.

Fertilizer: Fertilize lime trees every three weeks from spring to summer a high-nitrogen fertilizer made for citrus

Temperature: They can only survive in temperatures above 50° F

Pruning: you can prune them occasionally to remove any dead or damaged branches and any small branches growing within a foot of the soil line, looking out for fruit or blossoms which look diseased.

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