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Guava 2 Meter Height

The plants have attractive evergreen leaves that are stiff leathery and elliptical, which produce deliciously rich oval or pear-shaped fruits that are more accurately berries and have soft flesh.

Planting & Care 

SunLight:  Guava loves sunny and warm exposure. 

Soil: can be grown in heavy clay-rich or very sandy soil with pH ranging from 4.5 (acidic) to 9.4 (alkaline), 

Water: Water the tree when the top 6 to 8 inches of soil have dried. Water slowly and deeply, to about a 2-foot depth.

Fertilizer: Fertilize the tree with 1/2 pound of actual nitrogen per year

Temperature: The optimum temperature for germination of guavas falls in the range of 68 to 82 F (20 to 28 C). 

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