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Grapevine is an amazing shrub and clusters of sweet grapes can be dripping from your own backyard. Grapevines will produce sweet and versatile fruits, they are vigorous growers. It is recommended to plant grapevine in fall or spring.

How To Care

Light: Grapevine requires exposure to the sun or it won’t produce any fruits.

Water: water the vines regularly throughout the first year.

Fertilizer: Fertilize lightly in the second year of growth. Apply compost and a nutrient boost in each spring.

Temperature:  temperatures over 50 degrees Fahrenheit in order to grow, flower and set fruit

Potting: Soak the roots in water for 3-4 hours for planting, Plant vines with the lowest bud on the cane just above the soil surface. Dig a hole large enough to spread the root system out, Then cover the roots completely with soil.

Pruning: Prune the grapevine when it's dormant, remove any buds that start to grow lower on the trunk.

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