Ficus microcarpa bonsai tree With Assorted Pot

Ficus microcarpa bonsai tree With Assorted Pot

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Ficus Microcarpa Bonsai Tree

Ficus Microcarpa is a tree species that may grow into 10+ meters tall trees. This plant will do great both in nice living rooms and outdoors, as long as it gets light and proper moisture. 

Planting & Care

Light:   it needs lots of light – full sun is ideal

Soil: Any soil mixture will do, as long as it does not stay wet for long.

Water:  Should be given water generously whenever the soil gets slightly dry. 

Fertilizer: Liquid fertilizer can be used as well as organic fertilizer pellets.Fertilize weekly or every two weeks

Temperature: 15 to 25°C is perfect if kept all year round.

Pruning:  Regular pruning is necessary to retain the tree’s shape. 


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